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Orson Scott Card, Xenocide Pg.149-179 Cycle-25

Orson Scott Card, Xenocide Pg.149-179


In this part of the book we find ourselves picking up right after the father of Qing-Jao explains that even though the god’s cause the disappearances, he wants to figure out by what methods did the gods use to cause the disappearances. Her purpose if farther developed by her connecting the dots, and realizing that her father’s godhood and carriers is being waited by her success or failure. Then the book moves back to Miro and Valentine. When they arrive they are greeted by Ender and his family, as they get accustomed to each other, family issues arise like how it’s hard to go 30 yrs in the past and see your older dead brother. In addition, Valentine is trouble by how Ender seems to be drained and sad, and she realizes that he hasn’t had a break from humanity like during the bugger wars where he got detached and was able to rest from such a dire situation, she doesn’t determine this to be the cause but she defiantly knows that something is wrong. Ender then fills them in on the current situation, and how the hive queen and the Pequenios want to leave when the Lusitania fleet comes to blow the planet up, but then that will lead to the death of the humanity by the Descolada virus. In addition, it is now certain that the message from the Stargaze congress has been sent to destroy the planet up. The situation is dire.


· Dilating

o Expand

o To talk or Write at Length

· Assimilate

o Integrate

o Absorb information’s or nutrients

· Theological

o About Theology

o Dealing with Theology

o Theology

§ Study of Religion


One interesting thing I noticed in the book is a parallel between Qing-Jao world, where every thing is based upon religion, and Lusitania, where everything is based upon science. Both have these rituals where Qing-Jao wishes to clean herself of un-worthiness, and the scientist constantly are testing and thinking. Also both places have nearly impossible dilemmas, Qing-Jao and the improbable of the truth and how it would be really hard to conclude to, and ender and the Descolada virus, both task will either mean utter success or hapless failure, whether it be becoming one with the gods or preventing Xenocide.

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