Monday, April 20, 2009

Orson Scott Card, Xenocide Pg.133-149 Cycle-24

Orson Scott Card, Xenocide Pg.133-149


This part of the book, Qing-Jao finds herself a secret maid, and she confides in her as a friend and in private, they treat each other as equals. This shows Qing-Jao wishes to be normal. She is faced with a very harsh reality when she gets so frustrated with her research and ritual cleaning, that she comes to renouncing the gods. Then for reasons unknown she is struck with weakness and sickness, she thinks she is being humble by the gods so she goes prays for forgiveness and is released, she immediately goes to tell her father her conclusion, that the Gods were the reason for the disappearance of the fleet. The father when hearing the news accepts it, but he say she needs to find what the gods did to cause it, like by what means did the gods accomplish it.


· Demurely

o Looking shyly modest

· Grimaced

o An Expression of disgust by one’s face


One interesting thing in this book is the presence of gods, this factor is very interesting see that this is a sci-fi book. In addition, how this presence of Gods contrast with the scientific aspect of Ender and his work to fix the Descolada virus. The I wonder is how will that author, will intertwine these to seemingly opposite stories together. This is also interesting that the presence of Gods and religion has survived into the future, which is also a real interesting concept; because religion is an explanation for the unknown, and in that future the number of things unknown is very small. In this future a world where most things can be explained religion still is able to exist.

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