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Orson Scott Card, Xenocide Pg.85-133 Cycle-23

Orson Scott Card, Xenocide Pg.85-133


In this part of the book Qing-Jao takes on the task of what happened to the Lusitania fleet. Jane realizes that it is inevitable that Qing-Jao will find out about her, and how she stopped ansible communication with the Lusitania fleet and Stargate Congress. This is because she is very precise and is looking at it from an outside and fresh respective, rather that the other government agencies looking for a clues leading to a person or what they want to find, but they have no knowledge of Jane so it is very unlikely they will find it. Mean while Qing-Jao is looking for the cause of al of this and is feeling unworthy for even trying because she feels she is not fast enough or smart enough for this task from the gods. All during this, she again is compulsively washing her hand to make her feel more worthy, and tracing wood grains for the same reason. Then we move to Lusitania to find ender, his wife, and stepchildren. They are all xenobiologist studying the ever-threatening desolate virus. They come up with some solutions like reprogramming a virus that still allows the specie that are dependant on lit to survive, while eliminating the part that adapts to and kills new species or reprogramming the virus. A new development is that they also fined out that the virus sent about darts to each other, and when decoded and put in their computers, that analysis show it the dart to contain information much like language would. If true these virus would be sentient, and killing them would be Xenocide making it an ethical dilemma but it could mean contacting the virus and making a peace accord. So far, Lusitania is threatened by the Lusitania fleet, the descolada virus, itself if news gets out to the common people and then they’d do something rash, and the possible war with the pequenos.


·x Xenophobia

o Fear of outsiders (like if you got scared every time you walked next to a guy with a turban, not exactly prejudice but more paranoia.)

· x Xenobiologist

o A biologist who studies outside, and unknown species.

· D Dissertation

o Long essay

o Formal discourse


One theme that constantly comes up it this book is when is something sentient. Like Jane, that computer being that lives in piloted rays. She is composed of these rays, and can talk and stuff, but you can’t even see her, or really be sure she’s alive, sort of like a ghost. She live in these faster than light rays and no one can see her, but she can access anything in a computer. However, no one would really find out she’s there, like I said sort of like a ghost. In addition, another being who is had to classify is the descolada virus. I mean is it alive because it can send information dart to each other, I mean hums can to that to, we send vibrations through the air and we have receptors on the side of our head that receives this messages. So, when is it alive or just a bunch of rays, or just a virus, does that abiity to talk, communicate, and remember make it unethical to kill?

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